MobArt is an art gallery with a twist.

Unlike the traditional art galleries, we don't have a physical space, we are mobile. We "pop up" everywhere in the city and may one day appear just round the corner of where you live or work.

Our concept is simple

We utilise urban spaces like restaurants, coffee shops, lounges etc. to host Art shows.

Our goal is clear

To make Hong Kong a better place for Art. We hope to elevate people's interest and appreciation for Art by making it an integral part of everyday life. This will in turn foster an environment that supports and nurtures young, talented local artists.

Join us and become part of the MobArt movement!


Spencer Luk
In the Midst of Hustle and Bustle @ EAST Jan 2011 - Feb 2011
Plywood painted in acrylic/ oil
Dimensions Variable

Wendy Tai
Rebirth @ pedestrian bridge Jan 2011
Mixed media
Dimension variable

Diana Howorth / Sue Lai / Bonnie Mak
The Great Migration @ Brunch Club Dec 2010 - Jan 2011
Mixed Media
Dimensions Variable

Cindy Chan
Silence Whispers @ Palette Nov 2010 - Jan 2011
Acrylic on canvas or wood
Dimensions Variable

Sara Mush
The Henna Warriors @ Philia HOME Oct - Dec 2010
Henna and photography
Dimensions Variable

Tim Cheng
30+ Children @ Pop Bites Sep - Nov 2010
Acrylic on canvas or paper
Dimensions Variable

Sara J Beazley
Sara J Beazley @ Sift Jun-July 2010
Etching or Silkscreen printing
Dimensions Variable

Charles LaBelle
Charles LaBelle @ HKMMS May-Jun 2010
Gesso and pencil on book page
15.2 x 22.8 cm

Thomas Lee
Prophead @ Art Gallery at UA Citiyplaza May-Jun 2010
Lambda C-print
Dimensions Variable

Jill Tse / Elsie Wong
La-La Land @ GUSTO Apr-Jun 2010
Mixed Media on paper
Dimensions Variable

Kenneth Tsang
We Play Endlessly @ Epoch Café Mar-May 2010
Oil on Cavas
Dimensions Variable

Sara J Beazley / Emily Eldridge / Flora Lau / Queenie Rosita Law / Don Mak / Esther Yip
MoB | WoB @ MobArt Feb 2010
Mixed Media
Dimensions Variable









Emily Eldridge
LOST THINGS @ Epoch Café Jun-Sep 2009
Cardboard, plywood
Dimensions Variable

Cornelia Erdmann / Sarah Koljonen / Man Fung-Yi
TRANSCENDENCE @ The Drawing Room Apr - Sep.2009
Mixed Media
Dimensions Variable

Wall by MICA design studio (Joyce C. Wang)